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About Us

ISOSOI was founded by Nick Durman as a practical way to provide an audience-language-specific user manual for his Innovation Store, an online business that sells and distributes health and fitness products to customers around the world.

Like any other expanding businesses, Innovative Store experienced the difficulty of reaching offshore markets due to language barriers. But the company had seen that “speaking” with their customers using their own language would make product distribution more effective. It would also make trialing small batches in isolated marketplaces and market research easier and more result-reliable.

However, it wasn’t only time-consuming to use certified translators, but also not cost-effective. To have instructions and user manuals translated into multiple languages the traditional way is now becoming a thing of the past as much of it has now been assigned to machine learning and artificial intelligence. Plus all those languages written down and then printed in paper booklet form costs the planets resources by digitally producing user manuals we help to save the trees.

Communicating to a foreign audience is a limitation but not an unsolvable setback in business expansion. While there’s a great number of translators around, hiring one can be very expensive. Just imagine when you’ll have to communicate with a global audience which could easily comprise of 100 different languages!

Based on his own experience, Nick was compelled to provide an easy, fast and affordable solution to the language barrier businesses face when expanding across the globe. So, ISOSOI came to be.

To understand and be understood by its customers is a valuable asset to any organization. So we aim to enable companies to create, translate and deliver relevant and personalized content to support meaningful customer journeys and form important emotional connections.

The Service: Base Language. We cater to all languages worldwide; you can come into ISOSOI using your local language and create content for your audience in your language.

For example, if you are a business entity located in France and wish to reach a certain audience offshore, such as the US market, you can create content in French and your target audience in the US can access your content in English by simply toggling in the language drop-down menu.

Innovator in Language and Content Management

With globalization at its peak, reaching audiences from all over the world has never been more pressing! The 24/7 connection of people of all nations made it possible to target markets and provide vast business opportunities to different organizations for worldwide market expansion.

What is ISOSOI?

ISOSOI is a smart translation tool that offers a cost-effective solution to produce, publish and edit online easily translatable content which can then be distributed and read online on multiple devices or printed to distribute as a hardcopy. One advantage of online content is that trees are saved as much of the time a printed copy is not required.

ISOSOI can instantly translate large volumes of content enabling businesses to better engage with customers, uncover newer insights and innovate. It helps companies communicate with confidence and deliver transformative business results by enabling powerful experiences that engage customers, all strengthened by our human expertise and machine learning technology.

It is one of the most trusted translation services and content management technology companies in the world. Our expertise allows us to help many brands communicate across borders, languages, and cultures without alienating customers but rather bringing them closer to the core goals of each brand.

The digital world can drive a wedge between a company and its market, but you can break it by humanizing your content. ISOSOI delivers understanding through seamless content creation, dynamic delivery, and translation services, so you can build your own digital future.

With such amazing results, ISOSOI can help clients gain business value and have benefited from:

Global Understanding and Revolutionizing the Market

The focus of ISOSOI has always been about language and content, which is at the heart of human communication and expression. Information is meaningless unless it is communicated in the right way and we understand it. The more a company understands its customers and transforms this into meaningful content and interaction, the more customers understand a brand.

As the worlds of human and digital continue to blur, how do companies manage growing content and provide a brand-building digital experience? ISOSOI can help you navigate this complexity and overcome the content conundrum to deliver understandable information in a more personal and relevant way.

From Information to Communication

Access to information is empowering and necessary but is also meaningless if it isn’t understood. People want to share information with each other. That’s why communication is essential for all business-to-business and business-to-customer interactions. Individuals expect to communicate with each other, with brands and with the rest of the world across multiple mediums.

Humanizing the digital world. The digital world and human communications are evolving further. What is relevant for one person in one region may be completely irrelevant to another in a different part of the world. So how do companies manage this challenge?

There are companies that offer language services and others with content management. We offer more. While many companies strive to digitize this human world, we strive to humanize the digital.

Understanding each other. By providing both content and language management technology along with translation services, ISOSOI helps organizations create more meaningful communications through a powerful platform that leverages digital technology and human expertise to create impactful experiences for customers. ISOSOI believes at the heart of being human is a desire to be understood anywhere and in any language, and we’re committed to providing software and services to enable this.


Our minds work best, when, like a parachute they are open!

Those who say it cannot be done should stop interrupting those of us who are doing it!


More than creating a platform for enterprises to connect to the world, we hope to create opportunities to provide value to people across the globe.

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