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ISOSOI is a smart choice
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Whether you're looking for
translation or creation your
Internet document or manual,
we have a smart solution for you
and your business.

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How it works

Advantages of ISOSOI

How ISOSOI works (step by step)

The following diagram shows how easy you can create a new web document and get it translated for your customers, partners or friends by using ISOSOI.com

Step 1 You can create an account at ISOSOI.com. Click on the 'Register' icon located at the top right hand corner of your screen. Complete the fields with your account information and press register. Confirm your account registration by clicking a link sent to you by email.

Step 2 Log in to ISOSOI' Dashboard. To be able to embed images to you Document you will need to either upload images to ISOSOI gallery to use them later or simply collect URLs to images from the Net. When you go to Step 3, you will be able to add images from gallery or simply put image URLs into the Document.

If you do not speak English choose your language by clicking button 'Translate the page'. All Dashboard pages will be automatically translated to your language.

Step 3 While staying in Dashboard you can create a new Document by choosing Document tab. Choose an URL for your new Document and fill in the other fields in the form. Then you can start using WYSIWYG Editor (What You See Is What You Get) to produce your Document content. The process is as easy as using ordinary off-line editor. You can add images from gallery (uploaded in Step 2) or add links to images or videos from the Internet.

Step 4 When you have finished creating the content you can share the Document URL with your customers, colleagues or friends. Send the Document URL by email, post on your blog or social networks or simply publish it on your web site.

Your users will be able to open the Document and read or print it in their preferred language simply by choosing a language from 'Translate the page' menu, from anywhere, and anytime.

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