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ISOSOI is a smart choice
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Whether you're looking for
translation or creation your
Internet document or manual,
we have a smart solution for you
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Why create an account?

By registering at ISOSOI.com you can

How does the page translation work?

You can translate current page by selecting a language from top dropdown. Any ISOSOI page can be translated this way regardless of its location. Dashboard page content (except some important fields) can also be translated.

When your page is ready and published, your customers can translate the page using this tool as well. By publishing your Document or Manual written in your native language you automatically make it accessible to a virtually anyone in the world even if they don't know your language.

How to create a Document or Manual?

You can create a new Document or Manual on ISOSOI within several minutes. Just fill out several fields. The interface is clear and simple. Document editing is as simple as creation.

Page content can be manipulated using an easy to use WYSIWYG Editor (What You See Is What You Get).

You can create or edit your web page content as fast as you do in your preffered Office suite. You can do quick copy and paste, change style of your paragraphs or add tables.

You can embed images from your uploaded ISOSOI Library or you can simply insert a link to an image from the Internet.

Managing and using images

You can upload your own images and then use them on your pages. ISOSOI has simple and easy to use inteface for managing images.

Other advantages of using ISOSOI

You can create single or multiple page Templates that you can use repeatedly for Document creation. This can greatly improve your efficiency when creating multiple Documents with similar format.

You may also want to add your own Products as if you have your own online shop. You can add description and images. You can upload new images or use the image library to share images between your Product and Manuals. This will help you to use one page per Product to show links to multiple Manuals written specifically for a Product.

The example below shows bottom part of Product page (how your customers see it) having 2 Document/Manuals attached to it.

Which language pairs does ISOSOI support?

ISOSOI supports translations in many major languages in any combination/pairing you or your customers need at any given moment.

Which file formats can I translate?

Users can replicate any existing document simply create a new ISOSOI Document by transfering texts and graphics from a variety of file types by using Copy&Paste tool. When this is done, the ISOSOI Document can be seen by anyone translated to their native language.

Is my personal data secure?

As a company based in the United Kingdom, all our operations comply with European Union data protection laws. We also added another layer of data security into the ISOSOI system to guarantee our users that all personal information provided is safe.

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